Seiches and Sirens

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"Pennsylvania Viking trio perk up the doom with visceral, super-heavyweight grooves more readily associated with Clutch or, when cranked to their most testicular, Pantera. Deftly hefty, dark but bright. 7/10 "

Metal Temple

" “Seiches And Sirens” creates the feel of an excursion into the deepest recesses of the bands creative process. Whether it’s the clever song composition, or the lyrics of mythical dragon creatures, childhood fears, shaman and psychoactive cacti, ALMOST HONEST have presented a fun diversion to the real world here. It’s music that’s well played, and never too serious. Regardless of what kind of heavy music you’re into, you’ll find something here to like. - 8/10 "

Indy Metal Vault

"You’ll find all of the monsters, weirdness, and beer guts blended with bouncy doom riffs and booming bass lines that Almost Honest have always delivered and called “Pennsylvania dad rock.” "

Album Grade: A

The Obelisk

"There’s riffs and shenanigans a-plenty on the 10-track/45-minute album, and from the sharp-edged opening gallop and chug of “Fools Gold Flesh,” they toast elements of heavy rock, progressive metal, and the odd bit of thrash for a blend they call “groovy sexy Viking funk doom rock.” The cumbersome genre designation could be taken for what it is, but it’s also emblematic of the tongue-in-cheek vibe that a lot of Seiches and Sirens "

Uber Rock

"There’s a lot going on in this record with a lot to enjoy regardless of whatever aspect of rock and metal might be your go to. Despite 2019 only being three months old upon the release of ‘Seiches and Sirens’, it’s definitely a contender for making it into the top ten records of the year."


"Ultimately you can’t head into this record and expect to know what to find, it’s a journey you need to take yourself, follow the groove and discover for yourself about this bands mission to bring sexy, groove and funk rock to a world that didn’t know it needed it."

Ghost Cult Magazine

"This Pennsylvanian trio seems anything but: far from uninspiring, the madcap antics of sophomore album Seiches And Sirens (Electric Talon Records) is an example of Stoner’s potential to be versatile and fluid."

The Ripple Effect

This review gives a brief examination on each individual song. Scroll to the bottom of the page after clicking the link.

Desert Psychlist

 "if you came looking for something a little wacky, eccentric and challenging that doesn't quite conform to the norm then "Seiches and Sirens" is the gift that keeps on giving."

Riff Relevant

" I have just always been the type that roots for an underdog, I’m not sure why really, maybe it’s their spirit, one determined to persevere. Either way, ALMOST HONEST, which has become a trio since our last encounter, might be a sleeper but don’t mistake that as meaning they’re lame or lousy, they most certainly are neither. Let’s just say that what they are is stealthy, so much so they will come up from out of nowhere and knock ya’ flat on your ass with their musical TKO."

Psychic Shorts

"The muscular guitar and dramatic vocals have connection to groups like Mastodon or The Sword, but the southern slant is right in line with the grooves you would hear on Blast Tyrant or Robot Hive/Exodus. At the very least, the band has considerably grown since their first album, 2017’s Thunder Mouth."

Final Grade: B+ 

Head-Banger Reviews

"Almost Honest deliver a listen that’s heavy, infectious, laden with riffs that grip you from the get-go, and a terrific energy that never lets up, but they really show us with “Seiches and Sirens” that they’re very capable of bringing to the table a tour de force of the style that’s simply earth-shaking in its power and crunchy with its rhythms"