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"Every track is a standout, so don’t get bogged down by thinking that there are weaker songs … because there aren’t."

Outlaws Of The Sun

"The Hex Of Penns Woods is an unexpected and crazy delight with Almost Honest delivering one of the weirdest and adventurous Stoner Rock albums you'll hear this year. Throw in the epic sounding production values that allows The Hex Of Penns Woods to have quite a contemporary and classic sound that demands your full undivided attention.

This album is the REAL DEAL and could propel Almost Honest onto greater things within the Doom/Stoner Rock scene."


Overall: This was f***ing awesome! There isn’t a bad track on the whole album and there is so much to love throughout. There are multiple standout tracks, too. This band have gone from strength to strength recently and I honestly think that with this release it will strap a rocket to their back. I’ll be listening to this a lot in the coming weeks and months, and anyone who is a stoner or doom or grungy rock fan should check this out immediately!

The Score: 9/10