Thunder Mouth

Riff Relevant

"You cannot help but appreciate the dense fuzz of their sludghish funk. It definitely goes without saying but you're not going to mistake any other band for being Almost Honest, that's for damn sure." 

Desert Psychlist

"Quirky stoner sludge that incorporates elements of prog complexity, stoner grit and metallic funkiness into ten totally infectious tunes." 

The Moshville Times

"Almost Honest are the kind of band I would let someone who had never heard of metal before listen to, as the sheer scope of what they have to offer is staggering, with Thunder Mouth in particular appearing to be a compilation of heavy metal’s best bits. Writing on such a band is almost useless, as they have to be heard to be truly understood."

The Hook Journal

"Almost honest have crafted a devilishly compelling and fun album with Thunder Mouth. It’s metal at its finest, and has some of the most original ideas I’ve heard in a while. With songs like “Cannibal Cowboy,” “Grandfather Frost,” and "Appalachian Sasquatch” having me try to describe them would do no justice. You need to just hear this band for everything that they are, and Thunder Mouth is the best way to do it."

Blood Makes Noise

"Down tuned guitars and songs over 5 minutes always have a place in my musical appreciation bank, and these kids just made a deposit. The title track and '72 Cosmos are my two faves right now...I'll probably keep hitting repeat on the playlist til spring."